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Get a brighter view of your space

Then experience it in 360° or virtual reality - it's all in the MyDaylight app.

Welcome to a new way to renovate! Armed with just your mobile phone, you can now lay out and then ‘try’ your renovation plans or design ideas before you get down to work.

The free MyDaylight app visualises how daylight can make your dream room seem bigger and more inviting, adding more value to every square metre.


Bright, brighter, brightest

Play with daylight and space until you find the perfect setup.

What’s your dream room?

It’s probably more realistic than you think – most renovations can be scaled up or down until they work with your budget. Get inspiration from what other homeowners have created here.


What you can do in MyDaylight

Design space

Plot out the dimensions of the room to renovate

Design daylight

Play with window sizes and numbers

Specify the room

Is the room for recreation, cooking, bathing, working or sleeping?

Indoor decoration

Choose wall colours and floor materials, and see your room with furniture

Choose location

Select your country and set the location of the room

Define season

Define time of year to see your simulations in the most accurate daylight


Request your simulations when your designs are ready


Get notifications when your simulations are ready to view

Experience in 360°

Use your mobile or tablet to try out your creations in 360°

Experience in VR

Use a pair of virtual reality goggles to try out your creations in VR

Find installer

Use the finder to locate the nearest authorised installers

Get an offer

Receive an offer for your creation from a professional installer


Get a free pair of VR goggles

Give us your mailing address  and we'll send you a pair of VR goggles so you can get the full experience of your simulations.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

MyDaylight is available for smartphones running iOS or Android.
No – only for smartphones running iOS or Android.
Currently you cannot share room simulations directly from the app. A share function will be added soon, so you can share your rooms with friends and family. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of your simulation to share.

MyDaylight includes 24 sizes of our most popular roof windows. Visit velux.nn to view the complete range of products, or follow the “Inspiration” link in the app menu.

On mydaylight.nn, you can order a pair of specially-designed MyDaylight VR cardboard goggles that will let you experience your daylight simulation in VR! 

As we provide daylight simulations which require more computing power than a phone can provide, there is an estimated waiting time of 10 minutes while the remote servers process your simulation. Feel free to browse our Inspiration page (link in app menu) or grab a coffee while you wait. You can even leave the app while the simulation is being generated.
As the render is a 3-dimensional simulation, it cannot be printed. You can take screenshots while viewing your simulation and print those images.
Yes, internet connection is needed to use the app.
In the standard simulation mode, the app automatically places windows to provide optimal daylight based on the room specifications. You can customise your room by dragging and dropping windows exactly where you want.
As the focus of the app is on visualising daylight, it is not possible to move the furniture in the app. The app automatically places furniture in your room so you can focus on experiencing daylight. You can also choose a room without furniture.
MyDaylight doesn’t include blinds or shutters. You can discover the range of blinds and shutters on velux.nn
No – the app only supports sloped roofs down to a 15° pitch.

If your question still hasn’t been answered or you have feedback on the app, please contact: (e-mail address)