Enjoy twice the daylight and twice the fresh air with the VELUX Combi solution

The VELUX Combi solution features two roof windows installed next to each other to provide a unique sensation of space and a panoramic view to the outdoors. VELUX Combi doubles the amount of windows to let in more natural daylight to your room, increasing the feeling of space and openness. The increased window surface improves your view to the outdoors, giving you impressive widescreen views to the world outside.

Benefits at a glance

  • Provides a clear, panoramic view to the outdoors
  • Installation is beautifully integrated into the roof
  • Delivers a sense of much more space in the room
  • Comes ready for easy installation of VELUX sun protection products
  • Can be combined with VELUX roller shutters for added heat protection

Product Details

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  • Required products 

    For perfect installation of VELUX Combi solutions your installer needs:

    • 2 high-quality VELUX roof windows
    • Combi flashing for side by side installation
    • Insulation products: insulated frame, underfelt collar and vapour barrier
  • Frame materials

    2 materials to choose from

    Choose between windows in high-quality wood-polyurethane or wood. VELUX windows in wood are available in a clear varnished finish.

  • Accessories

    Shutters and Sun-screening products

    VELUX has a full selection of roller shutters, heat protection awnings, pleated blinds, insect screens and blackout blinds that are designed specifically for your new roof windows. Choose the VELUX sun protection that meets your exact needs from our comprehensive product range. The products can be easily installed using VELUX’s innovative easy and fast installation system.
  • Roof Pitch Information

    The VELUX Combi Solution window combination can be installed in roof pitch ranges from 15° to 90°.